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Satellite Technology International is the world's leader in FAA approved helicopter GPS approach and IFR network design.

Enhance your service to your customers and increase your program's overall safety.

Begin today to build your IFR approach network.

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FAA approved GPS approaches, routes and feeders.

FAA approved helicopter GPS approaches and FAA approved G PS routes and feeders. STI has a 100% first time pass rate on FAA commissioning check flights.

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FAA approved DigiWx Part 135 AWOS

An afforable automated weather station ideally suited for MedEvac/Air Ambulance and Aerial Law Enforcement.

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Flight Simulator

Flight simulator software program whose aerodynamic design ensures that the simulator's performance characteristics match those of a helicopter.

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Approach Development Team (ADT)

One or more members of the ADT at STI have been qualified and certified by the FAA to execute the duties of Procedure Evaluation Pilot, Flight Validation, and Approach Design Specialist.

These qualifications and certifications allow the ADT to conduct helipad evaluations, Helicopter FPS Approach design, Obstacle evaluation and classification, Night Evaluation, and Commissioning Flight Evaluation.

Additionally, the ADT is authorized to conduct re-occurring 540 day Flight Validation and approach maintenance where that service is determined to be in the best interest of and requested by the customer.

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Helicopter GPS approaches enhance the safety of the EMS helicopter crews and patients while providing increased service during day and night, in both VFR and IFR weather conditions.

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